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Jackie C.

Amber is so easy to work with! I had a large heart-wall that we were able to clear in 2 sessions. I also had some ancestral emotions trapped that we were able to release. I could feel the tension and heaviness leaving my body as we worked through these emotions. You don’t have to have any knowledge of energy work to benefit from Amber’s services. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed when they did! Call it divine timing if you will! I am transitioning into an exciting new growth phase of my life and this is just what I needed! Releasing trapped emotions really will create space in your life for love and abundance. Wherever you are in your healing journey, Emotion Code will help!”

What People Are Saying…

Khadijah A.

I went to Amber having read The Emotion Code book so I had an understanding of what we would be doing. Even with that understanding, I was so impressed. Amber picked up on emotions and pointed at events in my past that I’d forgotten about. I left the session feeling lighter than I have in a while. Thank you.

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