Emotion Code – How it Works

Emotion Code is a great way to delve deeper into the sub-conscious mind and body to better understand ourselves and discover underlying contributions to illness, discomfort, and behavioral issues.

It’s not easy to do important inner work alone. Emotion Code is a non-invasive, simple and easy way to seek support from another being who wants you to heal just as much as you do. With Emotion Code, you can get answers and find solutions to long-standing problems and struggles in your life, you mind, and your physical body.

What can Emotion Code assist with?
  • Body – Physical aches, pains, and difficulties. Uncover the environmental contributions to the physical problems you experience, and find ways to solve them.
  • Mind – Mental struggles such as stress or anxiety, depression or PTSD. Freedom and healing IS possible.
  • Emotions – Memories that trigger strong emotions or feeling like you are at the will of your emotions or the emotions of others. Diminish negative emotions and lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.
  • Spirit – Find out what is holding you back spiritually, unlock your true potential and your divine path. Discover the spiritual blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your most heart-lead dreams and goals, or making important changes to your life.
Emotion Code can assist in optimizing the entirety of your being and help you feel balanced and whole – as you are meant to be.

How does Emotion Code work?

Emotion Code is the practice of finding and releasing trapped emotions through the sub-conscious mind. Using muscle testing, we can easily get yes or no answers from the sub-conscious mind to identify trapped emotions that may be affecting the mind, body, or the behavior of an individual. This practice is easy, painless, and can yield immediate long-term results. A life without trapped emotions is a life of freedom, abundance, and pain-free peace.

A deeper look at Emotion Code.

Trapped emotions are essentially coagulated chunks of negative energy sitting in the energy body. These negative energies “weigh down” and inhibit proper function of the energy body and can eventually impair the health of the physical body. The more thought and energy we give to negative emotions, the more weight they gain, and the more dangerous they become.

When we talk about the sub-conscious mind and body, we are talking about anything that exists outside of your current awareness. Your sub-conscious is what makes you breathe automatically, or makes your heart beat. Your sub-conscious holds all of your memories – whether you can pull them forward to the forefront of your mind or not – and knows everything about everything that is going on in your body and energy.

Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is how we communicate with your sub-conscious. Your brain appreciates truth, logic and reality, and positivity. Un-truth, negativity and falsity cause a sub-consicous reaction in your muscles, as your brain reacts and attempts to withdraw from negative stimuli. Muscle testing is asking you questions about what is happening in your body, and allowing your body/sub-conscious to answer by how it reacts to the questions. “Yes” or “No” is shown by the strength of your arm when we gently press down on it. Once we have our answer, the reality of the situation in question is brought to your conscious mind.

Using muscle testing, we can get simple answers out of the body and subconscious mind about these trapped emotions to bring them to consciousness. Once we identify a trapped emotion, we send energy and intention through the Governing Meridian to push the trapped emotion out of your energy body, thus releasing it. Releasing negative energy from your body like this increases the amount of positive energy flow in your body. This will not only make room for healing physically, mentally and emotionally, but it will help you draw more of what you want into your life as your new good vibrations act as a magnet for more positivity.

Those who actively work on releasing their emotions experience more comfort in their physical bodies and better health, but they also see areas of their lives open up in unexpected ways. Emotion Code is not only good for health, but for success and abundance in life.

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