Heart-Walls and How They Work

What is a heart-wall?

In short, a heart-wall is a protective “shield” made of trapped emotions that serves to protect your feeling-center – your heart. The heart is thought to be where the soul sits within your body. It is where you feel emotions the most intensely in your body and it is of course an important area of the body physically. Your sub-conscious mind wants to keep this area safe. Just like your sternum and rib-cage act as physical protection to your heart and other organs, a heart-wall is the energetic version of this protection.

We are not born with heart-walls, although they are common. I believe that over 50% of adults have a heart-wall, due to the every-day stressors of the modern society we live in on top of each individual’s own personal struggles. Your sub-conscious builds a heart-wall when you are being constantly bombarded by emotions, and those emotions are becoming trapped. Heart-walls are often the result of trauma, heartbreak and extreme stress or anxiety. Have you experienced any of those things? If so, you likely have a heart-wall.

Since heart-walls are a coat of energy covering our heart or heart chakra (which is what we use to connect with others emotionally and both express and receive love), a heart-wall can keep us from doing these every-day, heart-sourced things properly. If you have a heart-wall, you may find that you feel as though you are always on the outside looking in, or almost numb to deeper connections. You may feel distant and lack love for yourself and others or feel unloved and misunderstood by others. Heart-walls can disturb our interactions with others by interrupting the energy exchange that happens between us when we interact. Heart-walls can be devastating to personal relationships and can keep us from connecting to ourselves and our purpose in life, by making it more difficult for us to manifest the things that our hearts long for.

Without a heart-wall, your heart becomes open and the world will open to you in response. Giving and receiving love becomes easier and will feel more natural, connections with other beings will deepen, life becomes brighter. You may find that your ability to manifest and draw in the things that you long for in life becomes so much easier, to the point that you may think you’re the luckiest person alive! But the truth is – you have set free that divine light that exists within your heart – and that light is the key to a full and joyful life.

How do you clear your heart-wall?

Clearing your heart-wall is easy, but it can be a long process. Using muscle testing, we find and release each trapped emotion that that your sub-conscious used to build the heart-wall in the first place. Each heart-wall is as different and unique as the person who wears it. First, we will determine exactly how your sub-conscious mind perceives your heart-wall so we can track the progress we make as we go. As we release each trapped emotion from the heart-wall, we will check to see how much your heart-wall shrinks. We will simply do that until there is no more heart-wall to clear!

Hidden heart-walls.

Hidden heart-walls are just as they sound – hidden. These heart-walls are often smaller than a regular heart-wall and they need a little extra coaxing. They tend to sit as a second heart-wall beneath the first heart-wall and we find them only after the first heart-wall has been cleared. The good news is that once we find it, it’s business as usual.

In conclusion…

For a lot of people, clearing their heart-wall has been the solution that changes their lives forever. Many people feel separate and rejected by the world around them. This is a great tragedy and I believe that heart-walls are responsible for so much of this pain and suffering. It is my opinion that everyone should check for a heart-wall and if they find one, they should have it released. The potential for positive change when someone clears their heart-wall is endless and I believe that you will be immensely glad that you did.

Releasing my own heart-wall has truly made a difference in my life. When I first said goodbye to my heart-wall, I felt as though I could take a deep breath for the first time in years. The world around me was the same, but I was a better version of myself capable of taking each new obstacle in stride. My own ability to create and manifest my heart’s desire and find healthier connections with others has grown in a way I never knew I needed. It is my wish that everyone gets to experience that same freedom of living, loving and feeling.

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