Reiki – How it Works

Reiki is the practice of channeling healing energy and holding safe, sacred space for another being, with the goal and intent of helping them heal their mind, body, and spirit.

We all have “energy highways” throughout our bodies, called meridians. In Reiki, we utilize a large and central meridian to channel high-frequency energy through our bodies and into the body and auric field of our clients.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field, or aura, is extremely beneficial to the human body. When our skin touches the surface of the Earth, our aura mingles with its aura, which changes the frequency of vibration in our own energetic field. It calms chaotic and discordant energy, which helps to improve all sorts of aspects of our physical body and even our mental and emotional states. We see effects like reduced inflammation, stress reduction, clearing of brain-fog, soothing of the nervous system, and so much more.  

Where attention goes, energy flows. Our thoughts become tangible energies, and tangible energies influence the world we live in physically and metaphorically. The vibrational frequencies of the intentions we carry affect our realities vibrationally, because energy knows no space nor time. Energy and vibration are the basis of all physical life, our thoughts and emotions, and connects all of us to everything and everyone. As our thoughts and intentions change shape, so too does the world around us.

Because of this fact, a Reiki practitioner can connect themselves through intention to the healing energy of the Earth, carry it through their body, and send it through the body of a willing participant to deliver the same health benefits of connecting to the Earth directly. This is called channeling energy. The same can be done with a more spiritual perspective, and a Reiki practitioner can channel energy from the Universe, or the shared “Source” energy or “God”, for the purpose of healing. Some Reiki practitioners, or those who are trained and skilled in the art of channeling energy, can draw energy from both the Earth and the Universe at once for the maximum benefit to the client. Pulling from both places provides a balanced blend of energetic frequencies, capable of helping the client heal and restore an even more vast number of imbalances and ailments in all aspects of their being.

It all seems quite grand and rather “out there”. But in the end, what matters most is not the energy being channeled but the loving care given by the practitioner. Just as important as the channeling of energy is the safe space being created for the client. Often, we underestimate the power of sharing space with another human being. Our bodies and brains evolved with a need for social interaction, for physical touch, and most importantly, to be in community. In relation to Reiki and holding space, this looks most like our ancestors sleeping together in a tree, some staying awake to keep watch and protect the others. The Reiki practitioner plays the part of the community member that stayed awake while the client plays the part of the one who rested, completely at ease knowing they were being looked after.

A Reiki session gives you the opportunity to share a safe space with another human being who genuinely wants you to feel safe and well. A situation where there is no expectation of conversation, only rest and restoration. You lay down and close your eyes, allowing yourself to be lulled into a kind of meditative state, and your brain can sift through your day or even your life as it often tries to when you need to sleep at night. The Reiki practitioner is there, holding a safe space and keeping track of time for you as this happens, and holds in their heart the desire for you to get the most benefit possible from these quiet moments.

In this relaxed state, the client can become still and quiet enough to connect with their body and their emotions more deeply than in day-to-day life. Additionally, being at peace and simply resting in a loving healing space allows the client to open up more fully to their ultimate health. The energy being sent gently through their body is subsequently absorbed and integrated more efficiently, which means increased benefit to the individual.

Reiki is the beautiful combination of channeling healing, healthy energy into the body while creating a peaceful environment that welcomes ease and relaxation. Following Emotion Code, Reiki can help the body and brain integrate the vibrational changes made by the process of releasing of trapped emotions. This will reduce detox symptoms such as emotional volatility, fatigue, flair of physical pains, etc. Ultimately decreasing recovery time and leading you to a faster healing and growth process!

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