About Amber

I’m Amber.

As someone who is highly sensitive, I always felt bombarded by the world around me. The energy in a crowded room, the emotions of those around me, even the left over energy of whoever last sat in a chair I sat in. When I was 15, I realized that I had built a kind of callous to my own emotions, because I was already dealing with so much input from outside of myself. I had no sense of how I actually felt; my entire understanding of who I was inside had been grown off of the world and the people around me. It was then that I started down a path to find myself, which lead me to what I do today.

Now, I help others find themselves the way I have. What I feel my purpose is, is to act as a guide through the muddy waters of living and back to who you were born to be. This to me includes physical health as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual. The goal is the optimization of the entire self in accordance to who you want to be, as opposed to who you learned to be or became due to all nature of experiences.

My methods are the exact methods that I have had personal success with. The main two modalities I use are Reiki and Emotion Code, but I was also trained in Healing Touch and apprenticed under multiple medical intuitives to further develop my understanding of the energy body, quantum physics, natural healing and to train my intuitive ability. Additionally, I underwent training for Holistic Health Coaching, which provides a good understanding of the body, it’s needs and effective alternative ways to promote your best health.

Lastly, I love to talk about mindset, spirituality and manifestation. Let’s work with your subconscious mind to create exactly what it is you want in yourself and in your life!

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